Dori’s World: Mother-Daughter Event

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Amalia Spinardi of Jo De Mer, Brett Heyman & Edie, and Marina Larroude & Gloria hosted a mother daughter event at Florence Fancy on May 9. Amalia gave all the mothers and daughter matching bathing suits. There were magicians, clowns, manicures for the kids and face painting — such a cute event! My sister Lauren even brought my nieces. So many other people came out including Jennifer Raines, Nancy McCormick Vella, Lara Stolman-Watzky, Coralie Charriol, Karen Larrain and Cammy, Jen Brown, Scot Lerner and Cali, Alex Gaines, Stacey Pashcow, Alison Brettschneider, Tara Spiegel, Jessica Sailer, Karla Martinez, Julie Macklowe, Tracey Murphy and Debbie Peltz.