Senza Unveils Tasting Menu Concept

One of the biggest trends in fine dining right now is definitely the Tasting Menu concept. A lot of the city’s best restaurants (i.e. Goosefoot, Next, etc.) are featuring them right now. One of the great new restaurants, Senza (2873 North Broadway), has decided to throw their hat in the ring and has created a Tasting Menu concept this past weekend.

Although Senza opened five short months ago, it’s one of the most buzzed about fine dining places in the city. Executive Chef Noah Sandoval’s imaginative take on American cuisine has everyone, critics and guests alike, raving about the incredible food. The only way to experience the food at Senza now is with their two, multi-course, prix fixe menus. You have the choice of a 4-course meal that will cost you $50 (additional $25 if paired with wine) or the 9-course option that will cost you $100 (an extra $50 if paired with wine). The big twist on Senza’s tasting menus is that it’s still 100% gluten free. Senza opened with a gluten free concept and they have stuck with it, and it is still absolutely amazing food. It’s open Tuesday thru Saturday, 5:30pm to 10:30pm, learn more or make reservations at

Just in case you’re on the fence about paying Senza a visit, allow me to give you an idea of what to expect from their tasting menus. Prior to the first course, an Amuse Bouche is presented, pictured below is Hamachi on rice crackers with kuchikori, sweet soy and dashi foam.

An example of one of the courses is the pork belly with carrots, strawberry and watercress.

One of the delectable dessert options is the White Chocolate Bavarois with miso caramel and huckleberry.