La Maison Cointreau’s Titalating Opening with Dita Von Teese

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – NOVEMBER 13: Dita Von Teese poses with Cointreau Liqueur before her performance at La Maison Cointreau on November 13, 2012 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Steve Jennings/WireImage)

Last night, at the exclusive launch of La Maison Cointreau, the International Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese sparkled in a sexy performance that involved some fabulous fans.  Prior to her sensuous show, the night started with remixes by DJ JonJon Battles, but as the curtain lifted, guests were able to enjoy the interesting music from glass player Johnny Rodgers and were much amused by chanteuse and comedic superstar Lady Rizo as well as French singer/accordionist Nicole Renaud.

With Miss Von Teese headlining the evening, personal questions were not off the table. When asked what star she would choose to have cocktails in bed with, she replied “Marilyn Monroe!” A slew of additional notable guests including Torso Vintages John Hadeed, Proprietress of Dark Garden Corsetry Autumnn Adamme, artist Jeffrey Koons, radio show personality Hooman Khalili, co-founder of Yelp Nish Nadaraja, Russian-born American model, fashion journalist and haute couture collector Tatiana Sorokko, Litter co-founders Rachel Mann and Mackenzie Burdick as well as industry-mavens and socialites filled the elaborately designed 13,000-square-foot spaciously crafted loft. With enclaves for exploration, that included birdcages, rickety chairs and plush studded leather stuffers, Big Daddy’s Antiques exuded old-school glamour and charm.

Party-goers were greeted by library mistresses dressed in top hats, glasses and vintage-chic garments, stepping back in time as they entered La Maison Cointreau.  Debonair servers passed around Devil’s Own and Side Car cocktails to guests as they meandered through a labyrinth of experiences.   One lucky server, obviously a seasoned professional, received some extra attention from Lady Rizzo during the performance and nary did he spill a drop.  Beginning with a meticulously curated library, guests perused a sampling of one of the largest collections of rare, first-edition and historic cocktail books dating from the mid-1800’s. Sixth generation family member, Alfred Cointreau spoke to Cointreau’s rich history, its beginnings in Angers, France, in 1849, and its inclusion in some of the very first cocktail recipes ever created.

Following the library, enticed imbibers walked to the Cocktail Lab, reminiscent of the apothecary of yesteryear, where Master Mixologist, Kyle Ford showed party-goers just how good simplicity can be with Cointreau, Lime and Soda cocktails.  At the magic hour, guests were lured to a grand stage, culminating the evening with a myriad of extraordinary and unique performances. Dita Von Teese ended the night with her captivating show – a seductive burlesque routine complete with sultry moves, Swarovski-crystallized undergarments, Christian Louboutin heels and brightly-colored, pheasant-feathered fans.

While it’s too late to RSVP now, enjoy the party at home with these recipes that the mixologists were so kind to provide to Haute Living.

Cointreau, Lime & Soda
2 oz. Cointreau
1 oz. fresh lime juice
Club soda
Combine all ingredients over ice in a highball glass. Stir briefly.

Devil’s Own
1 oz. Cointreau
1 oz. Gin Botanist
1 oz. Dry Vermouth
Dash of Angostura

Side Car
1 1/5 oz. Remy VSOP
¾ oz. Cointreau
¾ oz. Lemon juice               

Noir & Iced Tea
2 oz. Cointreau Noir
5 oz. Unsweetened Iced Tea

1 1/5 oz. Cointreau
1 oz. Lime Juice
3 oz. Grapefruit