Haute Event Recap: ArtPadSF

Set in the Melrose Place / 1970’s Hollywood scenster themed hotel, The Phoenix, one knew right away that ArtPadSF was an artistic endeavor with a lot of familiar faces and scenesters.   Throw in a few bay area athletes like Dorrel Wright and Nate Robinson from the Golden State Warriors and 49ers Vernon Davis and it becomes an eclectic crowd, just like the art shown.

Walking into the signature pool area, the rooms of the hotel were all open and both levels were packed with people coming in and out.  In a voyeuristic sense, these rooms have been transformed into makeshift galleries.  With all the furniture removed from each room, each exhibitor had carte blanche to display artwork to the best of their ability in such limited spacing.  Bathrooms were utilized as exhibition space as well as closets.  Despite tricky lightning and cramped quarters, the energy was infectious.

ArtPadSF is like the rebel younger brother of Art Market SF, who throws a party while hosting an exhibition.  Some notable exhibitors there from LA, NY, and mostly SF/Bay area such as

Eleanor Harwood Gallery-  “Unsolicited” by Francesca Pastine.  Her deconstruction and collaboration with Art Forum magazines excavations.
Project One Gallery-  The work of Nick Flatt