Elie Saab Launches Le Parfum EDT

Elie Saab has finally launched a much awaited interpretation of his renowned signature perfume introduced to the market but one year ago. Created by Francis Kurjdjian, the new perfume combines orange blossom mingled with soft and subtle notes of rose and honey concluding in a sharp and sensual floral and woody scent.

For ELIE SAAB Le Parfum, the couturier wanted a bottle crafted in the style of sculpted crystal. This elegant form has been heightened for the new perfume into a more slender figure placing a greater emphasis on effects of light which the Saab loves so much. Light hits the body of the bottle and glints off the neck; it is trapped and then released within the mysteries of its sculpted facets.

Since his childhood, Saab has admired and observed the femininity that surrounds and inspires him. Each of his creations glorifies a dazzling female form through the magnificence of noble materials and impeccable cuts. From crepe to organza and silk to satin, all of Saab’s designs are infused with the sensual mastery of fabric to enhance the body: a stunning demonstration of the variety expressed by his interpretations of the forms around him.

ELIE SAAB Le Parfum is in harmony with the luxurious codes Saab translates into fabric. It is a fragrance emphasizing the dual nature that is so dear to the designer – as he puts it: “the light of the Middle East with the modernity of the West.”

Elie Saab Le Parfum EDT is available at Bloomingdales in Dubai Mall. +971 4 3505333