Amali Restaurant Offers Up Sustainable Mediterranean Fare on the Upper East Side

Located on the Upper East Side on E. 60th between Park and Lexington is Amali Restaurant. Former General Manager of Resto, James Mallios partnered with New York restaurant pioneers Steve Tzolis and Nicola Kotsoni to open Amali; a farm-to-table Mediterranean restaurant that does not disappoint for the discerning palate.

The name Amali is inspired by a historical region that encompassed much of the modern day Mediterranean. It signifies the cultural commonality shared by many countries in the region. Amali is a comfy and modern designed restaurant that feels more like someone’s dining room than a New York restaurant. Rustic wooden tables throughout the restaurant add to the warm atmosphere. If you look closely you will notice each table is different than the next, in fact  the tables and all of the surface wood is made from 150-year-old pine taken from the ceiling of the restaurant that was discovered when they raised the height during renovations. All of the other wood used in the restaurant is locally made from the New York area. Amali is heaven for the sustainable customer that likes to dine out on the town.

Amali’s menu draws it’s influences from the regions classic ingredients such as seasonal vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, cheese, meat and fish. What’s most unique about Amali is it consumes food the way they do in the Mediterranean; locally. When you know your dining at a restaurant that uses fresh produce, it makes a big difference in the food and the dining experience. I started off my evening at Amali with a selection of cured meats and fresh bread. Followed by the special of the evening; succulent lamb shoulder and blade steak that melts with each bite all the meats hail from Elysian Fields farm. It’s not easy to find authentic style Mediterranean food in Manhattan but Amali gives customers a farm-to-table experience that is sure to have you coming back for more. Head over to Amali on 115 East 60th Street between Park and Lexington and tell them I sent you.

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