Haute MD: The “Pippa Middleton” Plastic Surgery Procedure

Of all the The Royal wedding memorabilia, the “Pippa Middleton butt lift” has to be the most unique. The obsession with the Duchess Catherine’s younger sister has inspired many to request a royal bottom resembling hers.

Miami based plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta called Pippa Middleton the “new queen of the booty” and compared her small frame to other backside diva’s known for bum like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. One cosmetic surgery clinic even has coined the procedure “The Pip Package Perfect Posterior.” If you are not up for paying approximately $12,000 for the procedure, you can always try one of these options, depending on your derriere of choice. And perhaps, in the interest of ratings, TLC  should consider a name change for their August 9th special “Crazy for Pippa” to “Crazy for Pippa’s Arse.”