HAUTE TOYS: 2012 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid

Porsche is on fire. Sit behind the wheel of the all new Panamera S Hybrid and take in all the futuristic amenities the multifunction cockpit has to offer. Literally, you become a pilot in a Lear Jet. Inputs, gauges, switches and displays are omnipresent. The central PCM (Porsche Communication Management) LCD, for example, displays five screens that showcase what your vehicle is up to.

 The 2012 Panamera can sail up to 103 MPH.

E-Power: Engage this button from the right side of the sci-fi center console to drive on electricity alone up to 53 MPH for a 1.24-mile range. The internal combustion engine is turned off and the clutch is decoupled.

Sailing or coasting: The 2012 Panamera can sail up to 103 MPH and is especially good for down hill runs, exiting off the highway and open road sailing.

Recuperation: The hybrid converts kinetic energy from braking into electrical energy to help recharge the battery by using the electric motor as a generator. The harder you brake, the more energy is regenerated.

Audi sourced, supercharged, 3-liter V6 compressor engine: Produces 333 horsepower and commingles with the 3-phase 47 horsepower (34 kW) electric motor for a total output of 380 horsepower. Together, they ride and feel like a conventional V8. The electric motor can drive the vehicle on its own, support the gas engine or can be used as a generator or a starter.

288-volt nickel metal hydride battery: Mounted in the rear below the luggage compartment to not compromise any typical Panamera hallmarks.