Haute Fashion: Rocky Gathercole Rocks Miami Fashion Week

Miami International Fashion Week commenced at the Convention Center in Miami Beach, Florida on Thursday March 3, 2011. The production included four days of press, parties, interviews, performances, and of course fashion. Day 2 included an evening showcase with a line-up of designers such as Franco Montoro, Patuna Bushyhead, Damaris Rubio, Baron Levon, and Rocky Gathercole. I have to admit, all the shows were great, but Rocky Gathercole of Dubai rocked the house!

Rocky Gathercole is a fashion designer  from Parsay City, Philippines. He started designing at a young age when Vicente Arcaina took him to Saudi Arabia for his first job into the fashion industry.  After that period of time and guidance of his mentor, Rocky decided move to Dubai in 1992 where he started designing for “Calash Haute Couture.”  After designing for Calash Haute couture, he created his own designs and built his empire with an amazing aesthetic and a strong sense of the importance of “individuality.”  Gathercole’s aesthetic was based on avant-garde ideas and a unusual sense of being different and unique as his “schizophrenic” exciting work. When you watch his shows or see any of his work in editorials, he is one of the few designers that will make you say, “WOW!

Rocky Gathercole’s 2011 collection was inspired by the life and the look of showgirls. He was very inspired by the lights, the glitz, the glamour, feathers, and the costumes of  showgirl performances. Gathercole’s 2011 show started out with the designer displaying his “schizophrenic” side with a model dressed in a ram head, chain dress.  The dress resembled a warrior costume of the 1800s. Quickly models paraded down the catwalk in beautiful feathers of yellow, red, hot pink, white, and green paired with high metallic platform heels and futuristic, but still feminine body leotards and feathered head-wear.  The feathered head-wear was a work-of-art! The detail, thought, and art direction that went into the designing of the leotards were amazing. The collection resembled a collection that would be used for stage, television, and shows. It was definitely eye candy.

From this show, the Gathercole woman for his spring 2011 collection is definitely not your average woman you would see on the streets or walking in the mall. She is complicated, yet powerful, beautiful, colorful, and fierce! She demands attention but only when she is on stage and performing. This collection is definitely not a collection that will be sold everywhere but it will be sold in some exclusive boutiques around the world and to some very high-profile clients. A la Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna!

You can read more about Rocky Gathercole and Miami International Fashion Week at his fan page and www.miamifashionweek.com.

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