Old School Proves Cool with Retro Philly

No matter our age, most Philadelphians can remember a few local landmarks that we were sad to see go. American Bandstand. Playtown Park. The Electric Factory. While they may not exist in physical form, they live on in our fond memories … and now in a killer T-shirt collection.

Local Fred Lavner was inspired by a simple matchbook from the 500 Club in Atlantic City. He quickly realized that so many area institutions not only pulled at the heartstrings of their former followers, but provided cool, retro artwork that needed to live on. The first T-shirt was born, and after friends begged for their own, a new enterprise was, too.

Now live, RetroPhilly.com offers nostalgic Philadelphians shirts emblazoned with all their old hangouts. From disco clubs to diners, there seems to be a shirt that speaks to everyone. Represent your old ‘hood with a grand tour shirt, or show school pride with a T promoting everywhere from Goretti to George Washington.

In addition to its classic shirts, the site also sells books that chronicle Philly’s past and music from the city’s best acts.

To Lavner, it was a way to give props to his beloved city and give his fellow Boomers a casual wear choice that didn’t scream “Over the Hill.” To us, it’s a stylish way to show our city pride and perhaps spark a few conversations. We are fairly certain The Black Banana shirt will raise a few uninformed eyebrows, at least.

Check out the latest at www.retrophilly.com.