Sweet Dreams for Only $12,570 at Duxiana

How many miles have you clocked on your mattress? Odds are you’re due for a tune up, and if you think back  over the last month you’ve probably had a good night’s sleep only a handful of those days. What’s going to help you catch up on your rest? A nightcap of Chai tea, or maybe one of those machines that makes sounds like the ocean. Or, perhaps you can buy an uber-luxe bed from Duxiana for only a baker’s dozen g’s–chump change to catch some z’s.

Duxiana’s boutique in Preston Center offers these luxury night wares, a Pascal System line of beds running between $3500 (twin) to $12570 (king) that allow the buyer to unzip the top of the mattress and play with the cassettes according to physical preference. Pregnant, experiencing weight loss or gain or enduring a particular injury? Adjust this handmade, couture bed to your specifications. Ex- NFL player Pat Summerall and his wife Cheri are known to be Preston Center customers, they own a Duxiana bed, and say they each can choose the cassette density that suits their particular needs.

Need some more convincing? Sleep on this: The only seven-star hotel in the world, The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, carries the luxe Duxiana bed in all 200 of their suites. Does this mean room service comes with purchase?

Duxiana, 6134 Berkshire Ln, 214.739.8133, duxiana.com