Rococo, Sofitel: Experimental Italian at the Jumeirah Beach Residence

Rococo is one of the latest gems at the newly opened five-star Sofitel hotel in Jumeirah Beach Residence. This sophisticated Italian restaurant is still another well-kept Dubai secret. With deep purple walls, a crystal curtain at the entrance, and a ceiling made of coiled white ribbons which represents “tagliatelle” according to Stephanie Digeon, the French manager, this new eatery boasts of innovative style combined with very unique experimental cuisine making it quite exceptional as well as intriguing.

Each plate is delicious. Try the Jewish artichokes, a typically Roman appetizer or the giant seared king scallops on spinach leaves with passion fruit sauce for the antipasto. For the main course go for the tomato ravioli with mozzarella and a pesto puree sauce. The Mediterranean style-skate is also a winner and comes on a bed of potatoes with caper and olive oil dressing.

But is the restaurant Italian or French? The name as well as the chef make one believe that it could be none other but from France, yet the cuisine is decidedly Italian, quite experimental to say the least. Even if Rococo cannot make up its mind over its culinary identity, it is certainly worth a try for its elaborate dishes, fancy interior and exceptional service such as Chef Enzo Neri popping out from the kitchen to check on diners and share his passion for food. Rococo, like its name, is successfully decorative in all of its aspects.

Sofitel Jumeirah Beach 04 432 8456