Haute Secrets Los Angeles: Nadine Schiff

Haute Secrets Los Angeles

Name: Nadine Schiff

The stats: Born in Toronto, Canada; has lived in Los Angeles for 25 years; currently resides in Bel Air.

Why she loves Los Angeles: The diversity, and of course, the weather.

Prior to becoming a writer and producer, Nadine Schiff worked as a CBS Evening News reporter. She is undoubtedly a power woman in her own right. She has co-authored three books: If I Don’t Do It Now for women who want to shift careers; The Secret Language of Girlfriends: Talking Loudly, Laughing Wildly, and Making the Most of Our Most Important Friendships; and The Ultimate Organizer: Your Personal Assistant. She has also produced four films, and held the title as Vice President of Production under Michael Douglas’ Stonebridge Entertainment. Now, Schiff can add something else to her resume: She is currently serving as honorary chair of Maria Shriver’s Minerva Awards Committee, which promotes today’s women leaders and humanitarians.

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