Kahala Hotel & Resort’s Luxury Upgrade

Honolulu has just received a luxurious face lift thanks to the $52 million, two-year renovation of the islands’ Kahala Hotel and Resort.

The hotel not only just finished a complete refurbishing of its beachfront suites, but there is now an upgraded spa at the guest’s disposal which features 5 new treatment rooms and an outdoor lounge area with ocean views.

In order to increase their entertainment potential, 2 one-bedroom beachfront suites have been exponentially expanded resulting in the hotel’s Kahala Kai suite currently being large enough to entertain as many as 50 guests, with an additional outdoor space for 200 guests. Both suites are also completely upgraded in terms of technology, including a home theater system, wireless Internet and flat-screen LCD TV’s.
Kahala Hotel and Resort also unveiled the renovations and upgrades of their other 338 guestrooms and meeting rooms this fall, just in time for their 45th anniversary. Glynis Esmail, vice president of the hotel’s management company, Landmark Hotels Group, says of the renovations, “We wanted to give it a residential feel beyond what you would experience at a standard hotel.”

The hotel’s celebrated lagoon is still home to six bottlenose dolphins and the property’s five restaurants remain intact for guest’s enjoyment.
Via: RobbReport