E Boost


In the mythic past, alchemists toiled to discover the elixir of life and brave explorers sought the fountain of youth. Today, scientists labor to deliver the ultimate energy potion designed to jolt the modern consumer out of the day-to-day doldrums. Now, Vitalize Labs brings us EBOOST, a premier energy supplement. The effervescent formula launches a comprehensive attack on all that ails, packing green tea extract and Vitamin B-12 for energy and focus and Vitamin C and sundry other minerals for immunity and recovery. Unlike other energy supplements EBOOST had earned its stripes among a demanding clientele and the lab counts Bruce Willis, Gisele Bündchen and Heidi Klum as loyal fans. First introduced in 2007, EBOOST first found its niche in mini-bars at W Hotels but the brand has since exploded and can be found at high end health clubs, spas, hotels and fine retailers.
EBOOST contains about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and hence assures users of an energy spurt without the jitters and subsequent crash that first-generation energy supplements users couldn’t avoid. Also, the product, primarily a vitamin supplement, is designed for daily use.
EBOOST’s pedigree is a prestigious one. New York City restaurateur and publisher John McDonald and Josh Taekman, president of the exclusive Los Angeles marketing firm, Buzztone, united to found Vitalize Labs and create EBOOST.
Look for the tangerine orange packet for 10 effervescent tablets for $11.50 or 24 packets of effervescent powder for $22.50.
For more information, visit www.EBOOST.com