Racy New ‘Project Runway’ Ad Hits NYC After LA Ban

Project Runway‘s latest billboard is causing quite the commotion, in true fashion form. The brand new advertisement was banned in Los Angeles for its provocative content. The advertisement displays nine nude models strategically covered by each other’s hands and legs. However, Manhattan loves the creative and cutting-edge ad, which is now set to run on city buses and display on billboards.

Although the jaw-dropping models bare it all, the king and queen of the cherished program, Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum, don breathtaking and regal attire. Klum’s gown boasts ethereal golds and sparking silvers, while Gunn’s sports a crisp and clean, black and white ensemble. The two conservative principal outfits contrast the bright and bold red walls and curtains, a racy and seductive statement.

Lifetime’s fan-favorite fashion show, Project Runway, will return on July 18.

Photo Credit: NY Daily News