Unique Vases at BG Vintage


The Design District has many new high-profile inhabitants, but one is a bit smaller and more hidden than the others. BG Vintage, which refers to owner and social butterfly Brigitte Grosjean, is nestled upstairs, in the second story on the  corner of NE 40th Street and North Miami Avenue. The entrance is through an exotic stone and marble store, up some stairs and through a long corridor that houses interesting businesses on the second floor. It is here that Grosjean finally has a place to store and sell her pottery and glass collections. After combing through estate sales, and vintage stores from Key West to Palm Beach, Grosjean is presenting completed collections of hard-to-find pieces. You’ll find Vintage Lenox, McCoy and Hull and many more pottery and glassware objet grouped in color-coordinated collections. Interior designers and regular customers are finding what they need at BG Vintage. Another thing you’ll find is the charismatic Grosjean who has always known exactly where it was at, whether it was as a teen in London’s swinging 60’s, St. Tropez, Paris and Milan as a model booker. The 80’s and 90’s found Grosjean working in NY and Miami in public relations, getting ink for clients both north and south. Now she’s tooting her own horn and having a good time while she’s at it. Appointments suggested.

1 NE 40th Street, #107, Miami   (305) 905-5542    bgvintage.com