The World’s Largest Private Yacht Arrives in NYC

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When the weather starts to warm up in NYC, it’s only natural to want to do a little boating. And if you have a private yacht — or the world’s largest private yacht — well, even better. A 533-foot yacht belonging to Russian businessman Roman Abramovich was recently spotted floating near the Statue of Liberty.

The massive boat features two helicopter pads, 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, a few hot tubs, a disco hall, a military-grade missile defense system and a mini-submarine. Though the sight of a enormous yacht coasting along the Hudson is rare in itself, it’s even more out of the ordinary given Abramovich’s notoriously low-profile persona. The business tycoon is famously private and averse to publicity. Eclipse is almost always kept docked off Monaco, Cannes, Portfino or St. Bart’s.

Check out footage of the yacht arriving in NYC below!