New Year’s Resolutions? Not With These 39 Degrees Treats

That New Year’s resolution to kick sweets will fly out the window with the Sky Hotel’s 39 Degrees dessert menu. Revamped this year by Executive Chef Shawn Lawrence, these morsels melt in your mouth and serve a delicious reward for that day on the slopes.

The combination of pumpkin crème brulee, spiced whipped cream and fresh baked pecan cookies is a unique twist on the classic cookies ‘n’ creme. Once you try this version, it may be hard to go back.

The issue with s’mores is that they’re a mess. Problem solved if they come served in a jar. Combine a graham cracker crust, devil’s food cake and toasted marshmallows for a taste that brings you back to summer camp days.

To wash it down, try the ménage à trois with Van Gogh double espresso vodka, Stoli vanilla vodka and Bailey’s. If you’re not into threesomes, how about Death by Hot Chocolate? Godiva dark chocolate liquor, Bailey’s, and Frangelico all topped with marshmallows. Yum.