Haute Event: Louis Vuitton Celebrates Kusama Polka Dots on 5th Ave

They are the Polka Dots seen ’round the world, and yesterday in New York there was no small deal of the new collaboration between Louis Vuitton and artist Yayoi Kusama.

The eccentric artist made her first trip to the U.S. in 30 years and celebrated her new collection at Louis Vuitton’s 5th Avenue Maison alongside Louis Vuitton Chairman and CEO Yves Carcelle. This is the first unveiling of the first global window installation, which also serves as an artistic tribute to Kusama, embracing her immense body of work and use of infinite design through three illustrative themes: “Beginning of the Universe,” “Eternal Blooming Flowers in My Mind,” and “Self-Obliteration.”

In celebration of the collaboration, the Louis Vuitton building facade has been canvassed with a pattern of Kusama-inspired dots, conceptualizing the artist’s vision for all of Fifth Avenue. The window unveil coincided with the opening of Kusama’s exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, opening July 12th.

Similar window installations will be revealed in all 453 Louis Vuitton stores worldwide in the coming weeks, and the other New York store in Soho is already attracting the eye of everyone passing by.