Haute Toys: Gresso’s $30K ‘Lady Blanche’ Diamond-and-Pearl White iPhone 4

We’ve seen some gorgeous, blinged-out iPhones before but, as the long-awaited white version recently came out, we’re absolutely in love with the latest iPhone 4 from Gresso, a vision in white and lovingly littered with diamonds, crystals, and pearls called the Lady Blanche. The phone comes in two versions with two different prices, but both are incredible works of tech beauty.

The Lady Blanche costs $30,000 and comes with a solid diamond-coated mineral glass backing and three separate Swiss clocks with pearl faces along the backside of the phone. Three additional windows on the back contain Chopard-esque free-moving diamonds for some added sparkle. If Swarovski is more your thing, a $7,000 version replaces the diamonds with the celebrated brand’s crystals. (It will definitely be a nice complement to your new Swarovski-studded headphones.) Specific release details on the phones are yet to be known, there will only be 150 of these available, according to Engadget, so snag one up ASAP!