Dwyane Wade: The NBA Star’s Fashion Sense, Love for YSL Suits, and Taste for Fine Watches

Dwyane Wade has certainly generated a reputation for himself – both as an extraordinary basketball player and one of the NBA’s most well dressed figures. Flashiness has never been characteristic of Wade, and he knows how to make a bold statement with class and effortless execution – both on and off the court. His fashion sense likewise reflects this as he chooses to don simple pieces that exude a sense of classic style.

The seven-time NBA All-Star guard has stayed grounded while rising to the top of the ranks as celebrity style icon, along with Miami Heat teammate LeBron James. As one of the first players to don slim-cut European-style suits, he has created somewhat of a signature look for himself – often with his sleeves pushed up – and has changed the game of sports players’ fashion.

Of his stellar fashion sense, Wade says, “I love fashion. I don’t know everything, but the thing I do know is to ask questions. That’s why I was up in Europe. I try to pick the brains of people who are great at fashion, who look good in clothes.”

Wade sought out YSL designer Stefano Pilati after seeing the brand’s collection because, at 6’4” and 220 pounds, Wade loves the brand’s ready-to-wear suits. While he is also a regular in the front rows of shows at Versace, DSquared2, and Louis Vuitton, Wade credits his father for his appreciation of fashion. Wade explains, “He used to dress up to go to work to drive, and I respected that.” He adds, “It makes you feel different even if no one perceives you as different. I think that’s what he was portraying to me, and that’s something I try to portray to my kids: For a lot of people, all they get is one impression of you, and a lot of times it might not even be a conversation.”

So what’s next for the fashion-forward NBA star? He is looking into eventually creating his own line of clothing but, most recently, the game has been watches. A known lover of haute horology, Wade debuted the $20,000 Hublot King Power D-Wade watch in Manhattan. The limited edition piece bears his famed jersey number, 3, and a net-like stitching on the band. Of his love for fine watches, Wade explains, “The things that don’t depreciate in value are art and watches. A car as soon as you drive it off the lot it’s gone, the value goes down. But not watches. Those are the things that as you get older you start to appreciate more.”

[Source: Forbes Blog]