A Cut Above the Rest: Heinau Flowers

Exuding beauty and elegance, flowers have forever been an indulgence meant to excite the senses. With a myriad of uses, flowers have the capability to exude a particular emotion or even serve as the expression of a room’s décor. Inescapably, the scent and brilliant appearance will  fade within days and the special expression turns into a mere memory.

Heinau Flowers has changed that aspect of the flower cycle, making flowers serve their purpose for much longer.

No longer will your enjoyment for a fresh bloom of flowers be short-lived. Smart Blooms by Heinau is a unique product that allows buyers to enjoy flowers with an ideal color, texture and softness for months to even a year after they recieve them. Did we mention that absolutely no synthetic flowers are used? Using 100 percent natural flowers that require zero water or maintenance, Heinau creates custom designed flower arrangements catered directly to your specific wants and needs.

So what’s the secret? Heinau uses a unique and revolutionary process. The flowers are cut when they are at their peak, and the water and sap inside the plant cells are immediately replaced with a proprietary certified, non-toxic moisturizer. This process leaves the petals soft and supple. Each of these preserved flowers will continue to naturally absorb moisture from the air, which is the secret to making its beauty last.

What Heinau hopes to accomplish is to not just to make beautiful, long lasting flowers, but to also start a trend that will benefit both the consumer and the environment. Heinau likes to call their product a “unique convergence of beauty and value.” Instead of buying a new set of flowers each week, you can now enjoy freshly-cut flowers for months at a genuinely affordable price, cutting your budget while enhancing your decorative and sensory indulgence.

Heinau also proudly stands by their ability to reduce their carbon footprint since the impact of transporting flowers from farms every week is significantly reduced. Even the ingredients used are natural, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.

Heinau is now known in Miami for creating
the perfect custom-designed arrangements.
The magnificent arrangements were even used to decorate the room at Haute Living’s own Haute 100 Party, where guests were awakened by a brilliant splash of floral color. Heinau’s notable clients include the world’s largest cruise ship lines, corporate offices, the finest hotels and resorts and specialized event planners. On a smaller scale, the flowers are also ideal for private residences, hotels, restaurants, or any special event. The company is also expanding their services to gardenias, hair accessories, table décor, wedding favors and wedding bouquets. But the possibilities are endless, as Heinau is open to all requests regarding the use of their specialty flowers.

The best aspect of Heinau Flowers? If your top priority is saving money, Heinau offers a solution. If your top priority is enduring beauty, Heinau offers the same solution. Heinau has the capacity to please every customer’s needs while offering an extraordinary product. Whether you are using Heinau Flowers to match the particular color palette of a room, or are using them to decorate a themed party, the floral possibilities are endless. Literally.