Hautos: The Ultra-Armored Knight XV Makes Debut in Europe at Top Marques Monaco

Move over Hummer, there’s a new gas-guzzler in town!  When the world ends, the only thing left standing will be the Knight XV. This super-duper, luxury, high-tech, mega-monster, produced by Conquest Vehicles in Toronto, Canada, is the only way to tote your precious cargo around in these sketchy times.

Conquest’s Knight XV recently debuted at the Top Marques Monaco, the first time its thick walled tires have touched European blacktop. They even presented a gift to Prince Albert on behalf of the company. “We have tremendous interest from buyers in the UAE and recognize that our participating in Top Marques Monaco is the ideal opportunity for those dignitaries visiting from the UAE to get to see and experience the Knight XV first hand,” said William Maizlin, President of Conquest Vehicles.

The armored sports-utility truck (more like tank) weighs 13,000 pounds and carries 325 horsepower for a gasoline engine and 300 for a diesel model on 22-inch Hutchinson Ballistic run flat tires.  The mean exterior is juxtaposed by a luxuriously stocked interior offering standard wool carpeting, Alpine stereo system, PathfindIR Thermal Imaging Camera front and rear, ultra-suede upholstery with leather option, and much, much more.  The Knight XV is also fully customizable from external intercom system to built-in humidor and made to order.

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