Haute Yachts: World’s Most Expensive Yacht Charter Belongs to Steven Spielberg

Last week everyone’s favorite director, Steven Spielberg, set sail out into the Caribbean on the world’s most expensive yacht, Seven Seas.

Spielberg’s $200 million superyacht measures in at a reported 282 feet and was reportedly built by the Dutch shipyard Oceanco in collaboration with Nuvolari & Lenard, Azure Naval Architects and the Wright Maritime Group.

Seven Seas features an infinity pool with a 15-foot glass wall that doubles as a movie screen, comfortable amenities for 12 passengers and 26 crew members, gym, Jacuzzi, and indoor cinema.

And now, you too can enjoy all the luxuries that Seven Seas has to offer. He’s putting it on the market for charter–for $1.3 million a week!

[Source: luxist.com]