The Hurricane Club: Living Out A Legend of Hospitality

There is a legend at The Hurricane Club, one that explains the origins of the restaurant as a lavish champion of “Inauthentic Polynesian” food, and romances the South Pacific as humbly exotic. It begins with a ship, The Junebug, bound for the riches and splendor of the islands, but on returning back to New York, a hurricane surge wrecked the ship and marooned all aboard at the island of Lokoko. Greeted by the King and Queen of Lokoko, the foreigners were spared their lives, and in a debt of gratitude offered the remaining foodstuffs and provisions from their ship as a gift for their charity, which, in turn, became the basis of a large, amiable feast for all to enjoy.

Upon arriving back to New York, the travelers did not forget the hospitality they received at Lokoko, and began a traditional yearly feast that became known as The Hurricane Club to honor the occasion. In the nearly 150 years since The Hurricane Club began, the current incarnation is a restaurant that has not lost sight of the original clubs mission to payback, as it were, a superior dining experience for its guests. The Hurricane Club is dedicated to fusing Pacific Rim ingredients with contemporary culinary sensibility to create a unique experience that showcases quality and preparation. With a wide range of dishes, Chef Craig Koketsu offers traditional Pupu platters, rib plates, and even special Luau dinners like roast suckling pig.

If the grey, monotony of winter has you down, visit The Hurricane Club to sit among the eccentrically themed rooms, and be treated as though a feast had been organized just for you.

The Hurricane Club is located on Park Avenue at 26th Street.

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