With a Twist: The Top 5 Martini Menus in San Diego

Shaken-not stirred, dry, with a twist, extra olive juice, or the battle of the gins, there is only one drink you can order to give you immediate class.  Let’s check out the best martini menus in San Diego.

Maritinis Above Fourth

This place is all about the best martini, and they aren’t messing around. They use premium alcohol, like Svedka vodka, and a plethora of flavors, styles, and tastes, the only thing bad about Martinis Above Fourth is that you won’t remember being there the next day. The stuff is strong! Try a traditional dry martini, down a tasty Lola’s Banana, or order up their famour Pearl Necklace. With a martini  menu a mile long, and outdoor patio, and an indoor lounge, this is a great place to sample martinis, and be unable to walk out of later.


With an upstairs loft that a lovely hostess need escort you to, and a list of celebrities that frequent the area, this place isn’t just hosting a great martini list, it’s a place where you want to be seen drinking a martini. Located downtown on 4th, Confidential is a must-go in SD. Their signature drinks include some very original and delicious martinis, such as  their White Orchid Martini combines Grey Goose, elderflower syrup, and a beautiful white orchid perched atop the glass. Where else can you go to receive flowers in your drink?


This Ocean Beach martini bar is a martini bar that’s been around for a very, very long time. Located in the diverse neighborhood of OB, Tony’s is a place where you can relax near the beach and enjoy a great martini and meet a great mix of people. While they’re holding a menu of amazing specialty martinis, try your hand at their take on orginal styles, because there’s something to be said for an establishment that’s been making them for years.

Top of the Hyatt

Sitting at forty stories above the bay, you can feel literally on top of the world while you sip a signature martini at Top of the Hyatt. While this isn’t the bar where you’ll find the most variations of martinis, it is the bar where you’re going to find some of the best variations of martinis. Aside from the perfection of flavored blends, the view is unbeatable and there is nothing like a birdseye view while sipping from a martini glass.

The Wellington Steak and Martini Lounge

Describing their venue as an intimate and contemporary supper club, Wellington is a place for the swank and swagger to join in a great steak and a great martini. Their marini list is extensive, ranging from exotic flavors to traditional mixes, and always served with a side of class. Try the Negroni, a martini consisting of tanqueray campari and sweet vermouth, or get chilly and sweet with a Winter Frost consisting of Godiva chocolate and creme de menthe amidst other ingredients of decandence. This locale knows their steaks, and they certainly know they’re martinis.