Sweet Sensations: The Haute 5 Ice Cream Shops in Los Angeles

delicieuse ice cream

No doubt about, we are all screaming. Ice cream, Fro Yo and all kinds of frozen treats have exploded in Los Angeles in recent months. And while some may miss the era of Farrell’s (did you know, they’ve recreated them in Santa Clarita and Mission Viejo?), now the options are so much more lavish and decadent. I’ve already mentioned two favorites in recent weeks, the CoolHaus truck and Gail Silverton’s two Gelato Bars. Now here are five more Haute Creameries:

Sweet Rose Creamery

From the people behind Rustic Canyon Wine Bar and Huckleberry Cafe, this small shop tucked into the side of the Brentwood Country Mart has quickly become a poorly kept secret since opening a few months back. Could flavors like Malted Chocolate with Toasted Hazelnut Praline, Earl Grey
Fresh Ginger, Blood Orange Sorbet and Non Dairy Toasted Almond have anything to do with it? They also offer classic shakes, floats and sundaes made with artisanal toppings and sauces.

Sweet Rose Creamery is located at Brentwood Country Mart, 225 26th Street, Santa Monica, 310.260.CONE

Delicieuse Café and Boutique

No doubt about it, Redondo Beach seems like an unlikely location for some of LA’s best ice cream. But Delicieuse–which also makes several flavors from goat’s milk–promises to erase any thoughts of a long drive (see pic above). I’d quote from the mission statement on their website (oh my!), but let me instead just mention some more flavors: fig, cognac, Vietnamese rice, geranium… They also serve a French-inspired lunch menu.

Delicieuse Café and Boutique is located at 2503 Artesia Boulevard, Redondo Beach, 310.793.7979

Bulgarini gelato

Bulgarini Gelato

Altadena? You bet. The hillside town famous for its (unrelated) dairy is now home to what many consider the absolute best, and most authentic, gelato in LA County, hand made with obsessive care by Leo Bulgarini himself. Flavors this week include Yogurt all’Olio, Goat and Nibs, Crema Limone, Zabaglione and many more.

Bulgarini Gelato is located at 749 East Altadena Drive, Altadena, 626.791.6174

Saffron & Rose

Yes, saffron and rose are actually two of the many traditional flavors offered at this Westwood mecca for Persian ice cream (in the Iranian-heavy stretch some call Tehrangeles), a softer, stickier and arguably more elegant version of our All-American treat.

Saffron & Rose Ice Cream is located at 1387 Westwood Boulevard, 310.477.5533


Any discussion of great ice cream in Los Angeles would raise violent protests if it didn’t include Fosselman’s. Since 1919, the family-owned Alhambra fountain shop has handmade classic, pure-ingredient 16% butterfat ice cream that’s gained loyal followers in generation after generation. Nowadays their 48 flavors include seasonal curiosities like lychee, coconut macapuno, brown butter, taro…but also classic Spumoni.

Fosselman’s is located at 1824 West Main Street, 626.282.6533