Requiem for Mr. Softee: CoolHaus Rolls Out Ice Cream Couture

Hot trend or not, the thought of waiting on line at a food truck sounds like the least luxurious thing in the world. Unless it’s the CoolHaus truck.

Named in pun-making tribute to influential Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas (if you’ve been to the Beverly Hills Prada store, you’ve enjoyed his work), CoolHaus is a whimsical rolling confectionery that’s deadly serious about its ice cream. Take, for example, the hefty scoop of pistachio and black truffle, the sort of savory butterfat experience you would expect to end a meal by chefs like Jose Andres or David Myers.

Other flavors include brown butter with candied bacon, chocolate chipotle, lambrusco, ube (purple yam), sea salt caramel, red velvet, foie gras—alongside more architectural inspirations including “Orange Julius Shulman” (blood orange), “Richard Meyer” lemon, “Mintimalism” (with real mint) and even, we’re told, “Frank Behry.” But my personal favorite is their velvety mascarpone with aged balsamic fig.

The ice cream comes sandwiched between more typical cookie flavors like chocolate chip, ginger, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, and the savory brioche…all of which are good enough to enjoy on their own.

Already touted in Time and Vogue, the CoolHaus truck can be reserved for your own special event (with the edible wrappers specially printed), or their treats can be custom made and delivered—even gift boxed. Most flavors (of which more are always being tested) are $4.00 each, and worth every penny.

See or to track down the CoolHaus truck.