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Haute 100 Update: Diddy and Michael Bay Estimated by Forbes to be Entertainment’s Next Billionaires

Forbes has named two of our Haute 100 Miami members as the next in line to become billionaires in the entertainment industry. Hip hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs and filmmaker Michael Bay were estimated by Forbes editors to cross the million dollar threshold, making them among entertainment’s biggest names.

Mark Zuckerberg, Chad Hurley and more on Haute Living San Francisco’s List of the Top 12 Tech Industry Billionaires

This issue of Haute Living San Francisco invites you to meet today’s top tech billionaires, like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and YouTube co-creator Chad Hurley. Read about 12 of today’s richest (and most influential, for that matter) technology heavyweights, from the founders of Quora and Google to the chairman of Netflix.

Wall Street’s Billionaires Flock To The Hamptons

The streets are lined with swanky Fifth Avenue stores, and real estate agents playfully call a $5 million house a “cottage”.

It is glossy world where the real America of high joblessness and housing despair is all but invisible.

The economic story of the last decade has only served to make the divide between these worlds more stark.

Haute 100 Update: Mark Zuckerberg joins Warren Buffett as Billionaires Supporting Higher Taxes

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has joined renowned philanthropist Warren Buffett in stating publicly his support for higher taxes. Buffett grasped the nation in a piece for the New York Times in which he stated that he paid a lower percentage in taxes than his receptionist. Zuckerberg is the latest to join the ranks of billionaires for higher taxes, which also includes Microsoft founder Bill Gates.