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Los Angeles

The 5 Beauty Products Tamara Ecclestone Can’t Live Without

As a former model and reality star, F1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone is well informed about the world of beauty. In fact, it was her many years on worldwide catwalks coupled with a desire to create something beautiful that led her to create her opulent hair styling line, SHOW Beauty. This collection evokes decadent glamour, from its scent to its packaging to its volumizing benefits. Given that we now can't live without SHOW's dry shampoo, we simply needed to find out what five beauty products this glamorous beauty guru can't live without. Read More

New York

Maximilian Wiedemann’s ‘Vanity Unfair’ Exhibition in NYC

Last night on Bowery, famed urban artist Maximilian Wiedemann debuted his latest collection, “Vanity Unfair.” After a decade in the advertising industry, Wiedemann decided to tap into his creative and witty side through urban art. The English and German mastermind’s career exploded once the one and only Karl…Read The Full Post

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