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Futuristic Supercars Inspire IPI 12 Superyacht Concept

Futuristic designs have inspired the conception of watches, houses and even yachts and customers are equally tending towards more modern designs. Impossible Productions LLC has just introduce the latest concept yacht, the IPI 12, which was inspired by modern supercars which bear resemblance to the ones you see in sci-fi films.

Haute 100 Update: Helio Castroneves the Latest to Sign on for V8 Supercar Race in Australia

Three-time Indianapolis 500 winner, Dancing with the Stars alum, Haute 100 Miami member, and talented race car driver Helio Castroneves is the latest of the drivers to sign up for October’s Gold Coast 600 V8 Supercar race at Surfers Paradise, Australia, and will be racing one of Stone Brothers Racing’s cars. The 36-year-old will share one of the team’s Ford Falcons with Tim Slade for the event, in which it is required that every team must run at least one international driver.

Hautos: ‘The Season’ Kicks Off in London as Middle Eastern Playboys Arrive, All in White Supercars

A drove of Middle Eastern multi-millionaires has zipped into central London, with each playboy in their own customized supercar – and all of them with a brilliant white paint job. They came into town for a summer tour of Europe’s hippest spots and will be staying at the Dorchester Hotel for the London leg of their trip.

Arab Supercar Racers Face Crackdowns By London Police

The Bobbies will be concerned with a handful of automotive grandeur leisurely ripping through the streets of London this summer. It is known that at each year’s solstice, a fleet of sheikh oil tycoons escape their scorching domiciles for repose in the city. Too bad their form of relaxation lies in the speed of their extraordinary sports cars, which they have no difficulty trekking through plush-deluxe neighborhoods, fully equipped with vexed residents ready to defend against the unconcerned racers.