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The Standard Hotel Hosts Midwinter Night’s Skate Party

The Standard Hotel hosted a Midwinter Night’s Skate party this week. Guests sipped Veuve Clicquot Champagne then took to the hotel’s ice rink for an evening of gliding, twirling and perhaps a few falls. Professional skaters Johnny Weir and Sasha Cohen graced the party-goers with a choreographed performance for guests including Amy Sacco, Monique Pean, Peter Davis, Douglas Hannant, Frederick Anderson and Lorenzo Martone. Model Coco Rocha lapped the ring with her mother in tow, followed by “Pan Am” actress Margot Robbie, who, according to the New York Post, delighted the crowd by showing off tricks and twirls on the ice for an hour.

Thanksgiving at the Standard Hotels in Los Angeles

Some of us are infamous for our last minute planning—but don’t fret, if you still have no idea what to do tonight for Thanksgiving and you’d like to avoid the insanity of grocery stores today, head over to one of two Standard Hotels in Los Angeles and let them do all the turkey work for you.

The 5 Hautest Ways to Travel to The Hamptons

Who wants to sit in traffic on the Long Island Expressway during precious summer weekends when the beaches of the Hamptons are calling your name? With these luxe travel options out east, you may enjoy the journey as much as the destination.