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Haute Yachts: Geffen’s $300M ‘Pelorus’ Meets the Starck-Designed ‘A’ in Majorca

It looks as if the Mediterranean hotspot of Majorca is the site of an unofficial battle of the megayachts. DreamWorks founder and show biz tycoon David Geffen recently arrived in his 376-ft. ‘Pelorus’, which was purchased for $300 million from wealthy Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich a couple of months ago… but he’s not the only megayacht owner on the block…

Sheik of Dubai May Challenge Abramovich’s Yacht Leadership

Camper & Nicholsons International, one of the oldest and most respected yacht brokers, sparked intrigue regarding the length of the world’s longest yacht Eclipse, owned by billionaire Roman Abramovich. In Camper & Nicholsons’ latest annual ranking of superyachts, the Russian oligarch’s yachtski is still in first place, but the gap between him and the former leader, the Dubai, is not as significant as it was previously thought. Eclipse is only 50 centimetres or 18 inches longer.

Eclipse Facing Fierce Competition from A

Remember that tiny little boat Roman Abramovich decided to make? Eclipse, we believe it’s called? Well, it seems as though an intense “my-boat-is-better-than-yours” competition from fellow banking heir Andrey Melnichenko is commencing. Heck, it’s so fierce, Melnichenko gave it a one-letter name. The ostentatiously named A is a 394-foot bomb-proof boat that cost so much to build, it’s already put two companies out of businesses (possibly a third).

Yachting for Monets

In a sharp departure from megayacht design standards, the blade-like hull of Andrey Melnichenko’s “A” cuts through water creating no wash at 25 knots, but has made quite a splash in international yachting circles. Taking its design cues from battleships of yore, the 390 ft…Read The Full Post