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Haute Health With Jodi Tiahrt: How to Fight Food Cravings

We have all faced it at one time or another, a strong food craving where we want to eat everything and anything in site. Why do these cravings come along after we have been doing so well on our diet? There are several reasons why these food cravings come along and there are ways to fight these cravings so you don’t sabotage all your hard work in the gym. Read More

Haute Heath With Jodi Tiahrt: Jump Start Your Metabolism For Fat Loss

We have all experienced it, our metabolism starts to slow down as we age. When we were teens, we could eat all we wanted and not gain a pound. Now, it seems that if we eat one chocolate chip cookie, we gain 10 pounds. We wish we had the same metabolism we had as a child or in our teen years so we could stay at our ideal body weight. Read More