Shave and a Haircut: The Top 5 Barbershops in Dallas

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Forget Gillette — there’s something to be said about a professional barbershop shave. And while you’re at it, a nice trim to make those ears look bigger, too. Of course these days, the barbershop menu has grown a bit, to include anything from chest waxes to pedicures, massages to facials. But metrosexual manicuring is for even the manly folk these days. It’s OK, we won’t tell anyone.

1 Floyd's 99 Barber Shop

Every customer at Floyd's 99 Barber Shop gets a signature hot lather neck shave and shoulder massage, which in itself should be enough reason to head your head on over. But Floyd's also offers superior service, their own radio station pumping out hot tunes while you get cleaned up, plus a great West Village location that will let you meet the guys at Lemon Bar afterwards for a brew. And they say guys can't schedule things.
5706 E Mockingbird Ln, Suite 120, 214.827.5000,

2 The Boardroom

You know you want your boardroom to impress the client who just flew in from Hong Kong. But what about a boardroom impressing you? That's what this Southlake hair hub offers: glistening wood paneling, a pool table, leather chairs--all while you get your cut and shave. Hint: try the Benchmark- gets you everything from a scalp massage to a paraffin hand dip.
1260 Main Street, Southlake, 817.251.9600,

3 M Image Center for Men

When do you really think about that overgrown hair splashing across your forehead? When you're sweating it up in the gym, no doubt. Luckily M Image Center has you covered there and, well, everywhere, with their fitness center/spa that offers grooming services on top of your daily cardio routine.
One Lee Park West Bldg, 3303 Lee Parkway, Suite 100, 214.443.5197,

4 The Gent's Place Barber Shop and Men's Spa

The founder of The Gent's Place claims he wanted to create the niche he was so desperate to find: something nicer than the discount barber shops, and something less expensive than his "wife's fru fru salons." Voila, he created such a haven, a members-only spa in Frisco complete with a fully-stocked complimentary bar waiting area, cigars and world class grooming services. It's a no-brainer for your brain holder.
6975 Lebanon Rd, Suite 303, 469.579.4417,

5 Culwell & Sons Barber Shop

Since you are such a logical man and therefore love to get errands done in one fell swoop, Culwell & Son is here to make your life easier. Not only does the barber shop boast  "old school" cuts, shaves and shoe shines, but you can also purchase those shoes at their full service suit shop, led by the most discerning professionals (they've been in the same location for almost 40 years) who will dress you to the nines so you can walk out a 10.
6319 Hillcrest Ave, 214.522.7030,
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